Basic Rules You Need To Know For Playing Teen Patti


Indian card game “three cards” or teen Patti is often referred to as “flush” or “flash.” It resembles the British game 3 Card Brag almost precisely. It takes 3 to 6 people to play teen patti. Without the jokers, a 52-card deck is utilized. Making a wager is the initial step in teen patti since it involves gambling, much like rummy or poker. Typically, this first wager must be a predetermined sum. The player may predetermine this set sum as they see fit. Every player must wager this predetermined sum. Each participant receives three face-down cards once the bets have been collected. The boot is the least amount of money that is at risk. In a pot that is set in the center of the table, this sum is gathered.

It would help if you remembered that betting on teenpatti is not the same as poker. All wagers in teenpatti must be placed in matching numbers. The previous player must contribute four coins to the last chance rather than just two if one player wagers two coins and another wagers four. The player who stays in the game of teenpatti to the end of the hand and has the highest hand wins the growing sum of cash as the game progresses. The cards, from highest to lowest, determine the winner of teenpatti.

Teen Patti Game is a straightforward online live game with easy-to-comprehend rules. As previously indicated, just your three cards and the dealer’s three cards are used in each round. To be eligible, the dealer must have one of the three cards and be a Queen or higher. You must make your initial wager (the “ante”) to participate in the game. You will get three cards when the betting period has ended, while the dealer’s cards remain closed and hidden from view. You can decide whether or not to “play” based on your hand of cards.

Here is the hand chart of the Teen Patti Game.

  • A group of three cards in the same suit is a straight flush. A-2-3 would be the most robust straight flush, while 4-3-2 would be the weakest.
  • In Teen Patti Game, a trio or “three of a kind” is formed by three cards with the same rank but different suits. The best three cards are A’s, while the worst hand is made up of 2’s.
  • The standard run is a sequence of three cards with different suits played consecutively in 3patti. Similar to straight flushes, the strongest and weakest hands are the same.
  • A color is when three cards of the same suit are in a row in 3patti, not necessarily in any particular sequence.
  • A pair is a hand that consists of two identical cards in 3patti.
  • The highest-ranking card is the single decisive element when none of those above are in hand. Whoever holds the highest card wins the round in 3patti.

Strategies to keep in mind while you are playing Teen Patti Game

Start by wagering modestly in 3 patti. In doing so, you may play a lot of hands at once, giving you many opportunities to win.

When you receive good cards in 3 patti, wait to place your wager before folding your poor cards, and vice versa when you accept bad cards. 3 Patti is a game that heavily relies on reading other players. Therefore, winning will become very challenging if you make yourself too simple to read.

In 3 patti, getting carried away might cost you more than it can gain. As soon as players become emotional, they begin to make rash decisions and ultimately lose a lot of money.

In a 3 patti game, it is impossible to win every hand. Therefore, it’s best to boost your victory total. A good player has more victories than losses rather than only victories.