Christmas Party planning checklist


Planning a Christmas event can be stressful, whether you’re planning a party for your colleagues or a gathering for your friends. To help you minimise the stress and ensure you’re planning a successful event, we’ve put together this helpful Christmas planning checklist.

Christmas party planning checklist

When you start planning a Christmas party, there are a lot of details to remember and a checklist can help you keep track of everything. Here’s a Christmas party checklist to help you cover all the bases:

  1. Decide on the date and time

Christmas is usually the busiest time of the year because of the numerous parties and social events held. It’s normal to find popular venues and dates such as Fridays or Saturdays booked, making it crucial to pencil in your date as early as possible. Inform your guests early of the set date to ensure they save the date on their calendar and plan beforehand for any specifications like dress codes. In case you can’t secure your ideal dates on the chosen venue, ensure you have a plan B.

  1. Figure out your budget

Create a budget for your Christmas party to avoid overspending or underspending. Start by deciding the number of guests you want to attend your party to help you work out the budget for drinks, catering, equipment and venue costs. Allocate your budget to what’s important in your party such as entertainment and food and compromise on the rest. If you’re working on a limited budget, you may ask guests to pitch in and provide you with food, drinks and holiday cheer.

  1. Choose a venue

Next on your checklist is choosing a venue that’s within your budget, but is still a stunning and good location. Whether you’re looking for somewhere with a large banqueting hall or a riverside view, it’s important to book early. Popular venues get booked up quickly during the Christmas holiday, and you don’t want to miss out. Ensure the venue you choose provides sufficient space for your Christmas party.

  1. Establish your party theme

There are numerous Christmas party themes and what you choose depends on many factors. For example, is the party for kids or adults and will it be a daytime or evening event? If it’s for kids, you want to choose kid-friendly themes such as winter wonderland or pyjama party. As for adults, you can go for a potluck dinner-style or a cocktail-themed party at night.

  1. Book entertainment

The right entertainment helps create a fun party atmosphere and brings everyone together, so ensure to book entertainment for your Christmas party. This can be anything from pop-up photo booths to karaoke and live bands from Tailored Entertainment. Live bands from Tailored Entertainment create show-stopping performances for your guests, which keeps them engaged and entertained throughout.