Nathan Johnson Graham, AKA Unspeakable’s Net worth, Age, Height, and Girlfriend


Nathan Johnson Graham is a 23-year-old Microcraft gameplay YouTuber. Unspeakable estimated net worth is $30 million. He was born on December 5, 1997, in Augusta, Georgia, and he is 6’10” tall. His girlfriend is Kayla Conley. More about Nathan Johnson Graham: He is American YouTuber, and he has more than 850k subscribers on his social media channels. More about Rachel Robinson: She is a 21-year-old YouTuber with more than 10 million subscribers on her social media accounts.

Unspeakable or Nathan Johnson Graham: Biography and Personal Info

Nathan also vlogs on a second channel in addition to gaming. His creative nature and outstanding substance enable him to appeal to any audience, particularly children. Nathan possesses the necessary skill set for the games, but that isn’t all. His witty commentary is extremely popular with children, making him a lucrative presenter. With the launch of his clothing brand, which the kids enjoy, his popularity skyrocketed. He’s also a member of “The Squad,” a YouTube group with his best buddies Andrew Smith and George (Moose).

Education background

Nathan has never revealed anything personal about himself. It covers information about his high school, college, family, and other topics. He was, however, born in the city of Houston, Texas. As a result, we are sure that he attended high school in his hometown. However, when it comes to college matters, only he and his family are aware of the situation.

Unspeakable’s earnings and career information

Unspeakable debuted on YouTube on October 9th, 2012. On November 17th, 2012, he began uploading his first serial, “Minecraft Survival Island.” Unspeakable’s channel, on the other hand, gained tremendous popularity in 2016 because of his Minecraft game videos. His videos began to receive millions of views in such a short time.

Following the popularity of his “Unspeakable Gaming” channel, he launched his second YouTube channel, “Unspeakable,” on May 1, 2016. Fun videos, absurd challenges, performing pranks, and his pals were all featured on this channel. His Minecraft channel, “UnspeakablePlays,” was created on June 25, 2017.

Unspeakable Interesting Facts

With over 46 million views, Unspeakable’s most popular video is “building the world’s 50fit tallest Lego tower.” “Insane questions and answers with unspeakable” is the title of his debut video on this channel. His astrological sign is Sagittarius.

Despite his interest in gaming and other indoor pursuits, Nathan is an outgoing individual. He has a younger sibling in addition to his parents. Nathan joined the boy scouts when he was six years old. Nathan’s parents recall him requesting a new video game every Christmas and birthday. Books, photography, internet browsing, studying, and traveling are among his other hobbies.

How much does the unspeakable earn per year?

He obtains over 2 million views on this channel in a single day from numerous videos. As a result, it generates $16,000 in daily revenue or $6 million yearly. He also has “Unspeakable Gaming,” “UnspeakablePlays,” “Unspeakable 2.0,” “UnspeakableShop,” “ChaseCraft,” and “UNSHORTABLE,” among other channels. All of these outlets are bringing in more viewers, increasing his net worth.

Unspeakable’s net worth is $30 million.

Unspeakable, a YouTube gaming channel is one of the most popular gaming channels. Unspeakable estimated net worth is $30 million because of all of the views and sponsorships. Minecraft, challenges, customs, and role-plays make up most of his videos. His primary channel, “Unspeakable,” has over 11.5 million members and 4.8 billion views as of 2021.