What Are the Needs to Go For Event Management Software?


The features of an event management software should be able to help you manage all the activities associated with your event, from name badge printing to attendee networking and engagement. It should also have the ability to monitor content and gauge interest in different sessions and exhibitors. Ideally, event management software should have mobile-friendly interface so you can seamlessly manage your event from anywhere. But if you’re unsure of which features to look for, here are a few tips.

Integration with marketing automation

Whether you’re planning a large conference or a small business workshop, marketing automation can help you get the most from your events. Event automation brings data to events that would otherwise be hard to access. This data helps you measure ROI and sales, and connects the event to your marketing automation system. Many software companies already include marketing automation integration. However, if you’re in the market for a new tool, you may want to explore the following features:

Support for self-service online registration

Self-service online registration is a key feature to look for in your event management software. While smaller events can benefit from an easy registration process, larger ones require more complex features such as differential pricing, discount coupons, and list management for marketing campaigns. Some veranstaltungsmanagement even allows attendees to register themselves, which makes it easier for organizers to collect registrations even when they’re out of the office. However, it’s important to test the registration process before it goes live so that you don’t have any problems capturing attendees’ information after registration.

Support for attendee networking and engagement

When selecting an event management software program, consider the features and functionality it offers to promote attendee networking and engagement. For example, some programs offer session reviews and can allow attendees to rate a particular session using a rating scale or open-ended survey questions. Having a way to collect this feedback can help you determine the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and determine which features are most beneficial to attendees. Q&A sessions can also be very effective in driving engagement. A good event management software program will also support Q&A sessions, which can be conducted in chat rooms or on-site.

Mobile interface

If you’re planning on developing a mobile app for event management, you should first select a niche market and conduct a thorough market research. Doing this will allow you to uncover various facts that will greatly help your project development. It will also help you discover your competitors’ strategies, which can prove to be extremely valuable for developing a successful event management app. This will help you create a functional road map for your app.