Culture For Peace Through Folk Music For Peace


I accept that music has enormous force, society Music of each country is profoundly established in the legacy, magnificence and Truth, I feel that it ought to be shared by all countries and the United Nation needs to assume this significant job all the more successfully, at the present time whatever accessible isn’t sufficient, more get-togethers of young people must be sorted out, more music must be shared, progressively aggregate Music activities can must be made, with the assistance everything being equal and Using the foundation of United Nations we can grow such an all inclusive culture of Peace through Music which can encourage the formation of an extension of Peace and agreement among all countries.

I accept craftsmen impact people in general and can utilize their Music for a particular reason not for war however for Peace, and diminish the Influence of the prevailing press which communicates something specific which is against human qualities and brimming with brutality. Human spirits need harmony and the best structure as I would see it is Music.

We can convey the best with music since it is a connection among spirits And when this connection develops it can make that genuine and firm establishment on which our forthcoming ages feel Love, not loathe for different countries, and the most ideal path is to share goodness among countries and society music is the most ideal way.

We need some increasingly explicit Collective Peace Music Events, progressively sorted out and increasingly viable, lead by everyday citizens, not in the hands of legislative issues nor strict specialists, however just a compassionate bond which is a fundamental element for the soundness of a general public and of people.

An occasion called Culture of Peace through Music, a trade of Folk Music and a customary occasion can be sorted out on a yearly premise where all the craftsman from the whole world take an interest with their own people music.

This occasion can be overseen in various nations consistently particularly in the middle of those nations who have clashes and don’t have great Relationships, for example, India and Pakistan … One year in Pakistan , the other year in India , to guarantee an incredible trade of aesthetic and social exercises. This will empower individuals to change the circumstance and locate some increasingly compelling methodologies for harmony.

Mohammad Iqbal Behleem Jun 6 2005

Artist and Musician for Peace

I am an artist and performer gave to the advancement of Peace through Music and I accept that music has the ability to advance clash change by Enhancing peacefulness, innovativeness and sympathy. I need To cooperate with craftsmen from all through the world, for Love and Peace. My Mission is to put my melodic gifts at the administration of mankind, loaning some assistance to those experiencing bad form, with the objective of enabling them with expectation and vitality. I need to utilize the all inclusive language of music to convey the magnificence of humankind and advance positive harmony.