Effective Ways to Develop Your Electric Violin Skills


Mastering the electric violin would be an uphill battle, and it won’t come easy because you need to constantly commit your time and effort. Just like your learning process in academics, you surely have some techniques to speed up your acquisition of knowledge and skills. This is the same in learning a new instrument like the electric violin. You need to find ways to develop your violin skills effectively so your time won’t get wasted. If you are curious about it, you might want to keep reading and list the ways that could help you master the electric violin faster.

Things you can do to improve your electric violin skills

Start improving your electric violin skills by taking note of these things.

Make sure you are comfortable with your instrument

The size and the type of electric violin could significantly affect the way you play and master it. When choosing the best electric violin, make sure to pick the one with the right size, giving you comfort while playing. Note that your shoulder and chin are rested well, so you can spend more time practicing the instrument.

Play Slowly

If you’re a beginner, one rule of thumb is to take it slowly. You don’t need to rush playing the electric violin; instead, play it slow and start with the fundamentals. Remember that you cannot level up your play if you don’t know the basics, and you can do it by playing slowly but surely.

Practice Smart

Practicing smart means using different tools that would make sense to you. For example, you can watch videos online of professional violinists who offer a tutorial. You can use it as a learning aid when practicing your electric violin. Likewise, start your practice when you have the time and motivation, so you don’t have to force yourself to get up or get disturbed by your other errands.

Mind your Posture

A good posture is an asset that can contribute to the way you play any kind of violin. Your shoulder and back should not be stiff, so you can avoid shoulder and back pains. You might want to avoid any pains because once your mind starts feeling the pain, you won’t be able to focus on playing the electric violin anymore.

Keep your nails short

Since the violin is a string instrument that requires the pushing down of strings, you need to keep your nails short. It’s hard to play the electric violin if your nails are long because they’ll only impede your playing. Your strings may also break if you keep on playing with long nails. Likewise, you won’t get the tone you want if you can’t hold the strings well.

If you always make mistakes, take a rest

Mistakes are inevitable, and even advanced players are prone to this. If you make mistakes, don’t be discouraged; instead, take a rest and contemplate the solution. Sometimes, you unknowingly commit mistakes because of tiredness and rest is the only way to regain your momentum.


Developing your electric violin skills would require time and so much effort on your end. It’s a skill that cannot be bought and can only be achieved through practice and training. However, it would be best to start practicing the intelligent way and think of ways to improve it effectively. Do not just settle with the traditional way of learning a skill. You can always apply techniques like the ones mentioned above to speed up your development in playing the electric violin.