Important Things to Consider When Renting an Inflatable Bounce House


Parents often like to rent an inflatable bounce house for special events, most likely at their kids’ birthday parties. The most significant benefit of cheap bounce house rentals is that they allow children and adults to burn off energy by getting in and playing around. There are a few things considering which parents can organize the best event while ensuring guests have a safe, fun time. This article will inform one about important tips to rent the right inflatable bounce house for the event.

  • Select the Bounce House Based on the Available Play Space

The availability of the space influences the decision concerning the configuration and size of cheap bounce house rentals. If a home is deprived of a yard, the people can use a driveway or block off the street park. Just make sure to get the permission of neighbors in advance. To have a fair idea, 13′ x 13′ is the smaller end of the inflatable bounce house’s sizing spectrum. And the larger units are available in a 32×15 ft (length x breadth) sizing spectrum. Moreover, adequate space is required for the attached blower.

  • Consider the Electricity Accessibility 

No parent wants to have the inflatable bounce house arrive only to realize that they haven’t made proper arrangements to run the power to the rented unit. Therefore, determine the electricity needs beforehand to avoid this party ruiner. For instance, if there is a need for a generator or heavy-duty extension cord, one will want to know the cost before renting an inflatable bounce house.

  • Consider the Age Group of Kids

Figuring out the kids’ age group will help decide the inflatable bounce house size. For a group of smaller kids, say less than 8, it’s better to rent a 13′ x 13′ bounce house. And if kids are over 8, then people would want to upgrade to a larger format.

  • Bounce House vs. Obstacle Style inflatable House

Renting a basic inflatable bounce house can become underwhelming after a certain age. People should consider renting exciting obstacle-style options for different age groups if they want to get the most from their rental. For instance, obstacle courses can be fun for children over 6 years. The obstacle-style inflatable house will be an excellent exercise for teens and adults.

  • Water or No Water 

Nothing is more refreshing than an exciting cool-off with an inflatable bounce house rental, including water in summer. So, consider getting an inflatable boasting water cannons, water slides, and misting areas with splash-down pools. And, in winter, it’s evident to go with no-water inflatable bounce house rentals.


Inflatable rentals are the most convenient solution to add fun and entertainment to parties, especially children’s events. However, choosing the right bounce house rental company and the inflatable house is the most challenging task, with many available options. Consider the company’s reputation, experience, license, and services. Some professional cheap bounce house rentals companies will even offer ‘bounce attendants’ for hire. This individual will supervise the bounce house activity for the clients if they are at a loss of time to keep close eyes at all times.

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