Studies suggest that learning to play an instrument can improve your brain significantly. Learning an instrument improves a child’s intellectual ability, perceptual ability and cognitive skills.

Musical training creates additional neural connections in childhood that can last a lifetime and therefore can compensate for various shortcomings that we face as we age. Those music classes that you took in your childhood train your brain to have better motor control and coordination. Any musical instrument requires you to have excellent eye-hand coordination, other than that, music reading and listening skills also boosts your brain whose effects can be seen in later stages of life.

You can start your training even if you are an adult. In fact, you’ll have a better chance at learning because of the following reasons:

  • You’ll be learning because you want to: Children often throw tantrums when they are made to attend music classes. Adults, on the contrary, learn for their own contentment. Therefore, they do not treat it as a burden and have a better commitment to the instrument.
  • You can learn complex concepts easily: Since adults have much more developed skills and an advanced ability to understand technical explanations, it is easier for them to understand some difficult musical concepts as compared to children.
  • Better attention span: We all know children have very short span of attention whereas an adult can sit for an hour without losing attention. Any instrument requires you to have excellent focus so that you are able to grasp the technicalities of it. Therefore, adults are able to learn better and quicker.
  • Fluency in reading: If you want to play any instrument then you have to learn how to read musical notes. It is difficult for children to understand these complex musical notes, on the contrary it is easier for adults to grasp those notes since they have advanced reading skills.

So, if you are a young adult and planning to take music classes, you shouldn’t hold yourself back. You’ll still be able to get the following benefits:

  • You’ll be at peace: Music teaches you to be patient. It requires perseverance to master any instrument. So, taking music classes in your adulthood you will help you become more patient. Music tunes have a natural soothing effect on our minds. Playing any instrument even for a few minutes will also help to make you calmer.
  • Helps you to be young: Learning musical instruments have a lasting effect on your brain. Our cognitive functions weaken over age, but any sort of musical training help you to have advanced abilities like concentration, memory and coordination.
  • Better Health: Different instruments have different health benefits, for example, playing flute strengthens your core muscles. You cannot have a slouching back while playing a piano, or a guitar. Therefore, it improves your posture and acts like a good workout for your entire body.

So, these were some benefits of learning music even in adulthood. I hope it motivates you to opt for music!